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*Most Champlain Stone pallets measure between 30-40 cubic feet and weigh 1.75-2.25 tons*
*Statewide delivery, priced accordingly*
*Natural stone can be used in patio, walkway, veneer,  retaining wall, steps, and many other settings*
*Most are sold by the pallet only and by weight*

Thin/Thick Mix Ticonderoga

Thin/Thick Mix Saratoga

 Thin/Thick Mix South Bay Quartzite

6"-8" Ticonderoga Steppers

6"-8" Saratoga Steppers

6"-8" South Bay Quartzite Steppers

Ticonderoga Oversized Flagging

Saratoga Oversized Flagging

 South Bay Quartzite Oversized Flagging